Friday, June 7, 2013

2015 Trans Am and Firebird Speculations

Trans Am-Firebird

There is a lot fluff about if GM will ever come back with a Trans Am or a Firebird, but it is just what it is, fluff. If GM does decide to bring it back there would be a lot of car enthusiast very happy by there decision. But if they are planning on making this type of move, they are defiantly keeping a very tight lid on what there going to do and when.

There is one fact that has been made very clear by GM. If they do bring back the Trans Am and Firebird, they will not be bringing back the Pontiac line. All production would under the authority of GM and the Pontiac name would not even be used for the very well loved sports cars. One last thing that is pretty well known about the situation is that they would probably be produced along side if not in the same factories as the Camaros, and would be sold at Chevrolet dealerships where Camaros are sold. 

Build Your Own Trans Am/Firebird

If you are someone who does not want to wait for GM's decision and you must have one, there is an alternative. Companies like Trans AM Depot and a few others that can be easily found on the Internet, build awesome looking prototypes of Trans Ams, Firebirds, Hurst and Firehawks that can be customize personally and purchased by private owners.

The process is really cool, brand new Camaros are purchased than ground effects, bumpers, spoilers interior and what ever else need be are torn down to be replaced with prototype parts for the unique styling that replicas what a new Trans Am would probably look like if GM was to start making them again. The nice thing about these projects are that their made from new Camaros, that should be enough to ensure that the cars that you will be purchasing are a great American Motor product.


  1. Trans am spotted in this movie...

  2. They can call it whatever they it a GMC Firebird for all I care if they don't want to bring Pontiac back. Just bring it back and make it badass the way it was meant to be!

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